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There are a lot of popular methods for removing Genital Warts. It is an important procedure because some warts can potentially be malignant. These types of surgical procedures are typically outpatient procedures, meaning you can go home shortly after they are executed. They are routine and are done with the smallest amount of time and pain as possible.
Some of these procedures are known to be more effective then others. And the chosen method largely depends on the type of symptoms and the severity of the case of genital warts. If the skin symptoms are caught early, then the treatment methods are less extreme. There are products called Podofilox and Wartrol that can be taken at home and provide a pretty strong impact against the warts. But if your symptoms are more severe, you may need to take a stronger approach to remove the warts. In this article, we will go through the freezing method.
The process for freezing off genital warts is called cryotherapy. It is also sometimes called cryosurgery. The way it is began starts by applying liquid nitrogen. For those who don'Cryo T Shock San Dieg know, liquid nitrogen is exactly what it's called. Nitrogen is the most abundant gas in our atmosphere and when it is turned into liquid form, it is called liquid nitrogen. It is required to be at a very low temperature (about -320 degrees Fahrenheit!) Liquid Nitrogen is colorless and odorless.
So what does the doctor do with the liquid nitrogen? Apply it to the skin of course! Specifically, it is applied at the skin on the wart and around it. It is typically applied by use of a spray. This causes the skin to freeze and then it is allowed to thaw. The doctor may apply additional liquid nitrogen to the skin and allow it to thaw again.
Now how long does Cryotherapy take?
The time of the routine is dependent on the severity of the wart problem and varies by doctor. Since the process is executed at the doctor's discretion, the time can vary but typically the process can be completed in less then five minute. It can help to keep small talk going during the procedure to help lessen the awkwardness of the experience.
Will Cryotherapy hurt?
There is some pain involved but does not last long. I experienced cramping myself, but again that varies by person. Also, some pain may last for about a week following the procedure and there may be some light scarring left behind.
In general, this is known to be an effective treatment when more causal treatments have failed. So if using creams and lotions have not been working for you, perhaps cryotherapy is right for you. But this is an option for you to discuss with your health care professional.
I would recommend bringing a close friend with you for emotional support if possible.These types of treatments may feel dramatic, but these infections are not as rare as you may seem, and you are not alone. Having a strong support system around is essential in getting through this or any other type of emotional or physical stressing situation.
it is important also to note that stress is a large contributor to harming the immune system. Thus, since genital warts are caused by a viral infection, it's an immune issue and reduing stress is ESSENTIAL to the healing process for this or most other ailment. So be around those whom you feel loved, find time to relax and chill out. This is so important and before you know it, you will be freed from the symptoms of genital warts.