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Sash Window Installation
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Hello there and thanks a lot for dropping by at my profile, my given name is Devon but my nickname is Sparky, I'm a sash window fitter living in Penicuik, UK. My hobbies are do it yourself, video gaming and satellite watching. I grew up in in Durham and I studied at University College Birmingham. I have a brother Aran and a sister Crystal, I've a pet hamster called Koda. I operate a sash window business and like to help people with their sash window installations

If you wish to have sash windows installed in your home, or you've already got sash windows and need to get them repaired or replaced, you will need to look for a competent tradesperson in your local area who can accomplish this work for you. It's no use bringing in a handyman or "jack of all trades" for this type of work, given that sash windows need to be fitted correctly if they are to give good service for many years to come. This holds true whether you want timber sash windows, uPVC sash windows, Victorian sash windows or Georgian sash windows, and you need to make sure the type of sash windows you pick fits in with the style of your home.

Sash windows are normally made in your local window factory or joinery works and can therefore be tailor made to fit your window openings, as you'll seldom find off the rack sash windows that will exactly fit your requirements. If you visit our brand new website you'll discover a great deal of information regarding sash window installation and sash windows and you will be able to search for a decent sash window installer in your local area. Anyone who you decide to hire should be thoroughly checked out for excellence. Read through reviews online and get a few references where feasible, so that you can be certain that they are going to do a decent job and not rip you off with bodged sash windows.

Wherever it is possible you should ask friends and neighbours for references of local sash window installers in the area, given that word or mouth referrals are the best type of recommendation and if someone you know has had sash window installation work done, and been content with the end result, there's a good chance that the sash window installers concerned will do a superb job for you as well.

When it comes to picking sash windows, there will be various things to consider, and not simply the form of window that you need. Sash windows are made from several different materials, each one having their own benefits and drawbacks. The initial sash windows were crafted from wood, but nowadays you can also acquire sash windows made from plastic, metal and UPVC, though many people favour the classic hardwood ones.

A sash window consists of one or several moving panels or sashes. The individual panels are traditionally paned windows, however can now contain an independent sheet of glass. The longest existing examples of these designs of windows date from England in the latter part of the 17th century. The invention of the sash window is quite often credited to the English scientist Robert Hooke (1635-1703). Other people say that the Dutch invented the sash window. The final conclusion is that it's pretty much impossible to pinpoint the exact inventor. The sash window is usually present in Victorian and Georgian properties, and the traditional design has 2 panes up by 3 across on each of two sashes, providing a 6 over 6 panelled window, however this is under no circumstances a set rule of thumb. Millions of suburban houses from the late Victorian and Edwardian period were constructed using sash windows of around 4 feet in width.

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