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<strong>office2016<\/strong>内部测试版界面截图曝光SQL Server 2019 (fifteen.x) builds on prior releases to grow SQL Server being a platform that gives you possibilities of advancement languages, details types, on-premises or cloud environments, and running systems.

For your finest knowledge with SQL Server 2019 (15.x), use the most recent equipment.

SQL Server 2019 (15.x) introduces Big Data Clusters for SQL Server. Additionally, it supplies added capacity and improvements for that SQL Server database engine, SQL Server Investigation Services, SQL Server Device Discovering Solutions, SQL Server on Linux, and SQL Server Learn Knowledge Expert services.

The subsequent sections offer an outline of these options.
Info virtualization and SQL Server 2019 Significant Data Clusters

Businesses nowadays frequently preside in excess of large info estates consisting of the vast array of ever-growing details sets that happen to be hosted in siloed information resources across the company. Gain in the vicinity of real-time insights from all your info with SQL Server 2019 SQL Server 2019 Significant Details Clusters, which offer an entire setting for operating with big sets of knowledge, such as device discovering and AI capabilities.

Intelligent Database

SQL Server 2019 (fifteen.x) builds on improvements in past variations to deliver industry-leading efficiency from the box. From Intelligent Question Processing to support for persistent memory devices, the SQL Server Intelligent Database options boost overall performance and scalability of your database workloads with no any modifications on your software or database style.
Intelligent Question Processing

With Clever Question Processing, you know that important parallel workloads increase when they are jogging at scale. Within the exact same time, they continue to be adaptive towards the regularly modifying environment of information. Intelligent Query Processing is offered by default around the most recent database compatibility level location, delivering broad effect that improves the functionality of existing workloads with small implementation effort.
In-Memory Database

SQL Server In-Memory Databases technologies leverage modern-day hardware innovation to deliver unparalleled functionality and scale. SQL Server 2019 (fifteen.x) builds on earlier innovations in this particular space, such as in-memory on the web transaction processing (OLTP), to unlock a brand new amount of scalability throughout all your databases workloads.
Clever general performance

SQL Server 2019 (15.x) builds on Clever Database innovations in former releases to guarantee that it just runs more rapidly. These improvements assist conquer recognized resource bottlenecks and supply choices for configuring your database server to offer predictable effectiveness across all of your workloads.

Monitoring advancements unlock effectiveness insights around any database workload, buy Windows 10 Enterprise just after you have to have them.
Developer working experience

SQL Server 2019 (fifteen.x) proceeds to deliver a world-class developer experience with enhancements to graph and spatial data kinds, UTF-8 help, plus a new extensibility framework that allows developers to work with the language of their option to acquire insights across all their data.
Unicode assist

Support organizations throughout distinct nations around the world and areas, where the necessity of offering worldwide multilingual database programs and services is crucial to conference purchaser calls for and complying with unique marketplace polices.
Language extensions
Mistake messages

When an extract, renovate, and load (ETL) system fails for the reason that the supply as well as the desired destination really don't have matching knowledge varieties and/or length, troubleshooting used to be time-consuming, particularly in big datasets. SQL Server 2019 (fifteen.x) lets faster insights into information truncation faults.
Mission-critical safety

SQL Server supplies a protection architecture which is intended to enable database directors and builders to generate secure databases purposes and counter threats. Each version of SQL Server has enhanced on earlier variations using the introduction of latest capabilities and operation, and SQL Server 2019 (fifteen.x) carries on to build on this tale.
High availability

1 popular activity that everybody who deploys SQL Server must account for is making sure that all mission important SQL Server cases as well as the databases within them can be found every time the organization and end people need them. Availability is really a crucial pillar of the SQL Server system, and SQL Server 2019 (fifteen.x) introduces numerous new capabilities and enhancements that make it possible for businesses to be certain that their database environments are very offered.