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What are the best IVR uses for 2012? The catalogue of applications is long covering almost all extant industries. Companies may create CCXML, VoiceXML, fusionex news and callXML according to their needs.
Smarter Automatic Attendants
One of the best IVR uses for 2012 is the auto-attendant solution. The IVR-based, automatic attendant helps in answering toll-free numbers and main office calls. Callers are allowed by the voice-driven attendant to connect with their desired party by just mentioning the name(s) of the individual or group. When organizations want to deliver time-bound information to their customers, teams, employees, or divisions, the telephone notification comes in handy. This outbound notification solution enables immediate delivery of urgent or time-bound information through calls to any wireless or desk phone. During emergency or last-minute product announcements and updates, this solution is invaluable.
Enhanced Customer Experience (CX)
Reducing the costs of customer service has been the affliction of many companies for centuries. However, the call center automation IVR solution affects it with ease. The application delivers cost reductions beyond offshore operations and is bound to impact greatly on operations of many companies.
IVR telephone surveys have hit headlines in 2012 for their effectiveness and excellence. The solution allows automatic survey of clients after orders, on-site repair services, and installations. Enterprises that have acute focus both on customer service and support finds this application wholesome, as evidenced by high rate of positive customer feedback statistics.
Better Management Tools
Another critical component of the best IVR uses is inventory and reporting that can influence important decisions. For retail-based and manufacturing enterprises, IVR applications enhance the preparation of sales information and reporting of inventory by stores, employees, and remote plants from different wireless phones. These enhance decision-making, planning, budgeting and other essential activities of the enterprises.
Expedited Financial Services
Can an organization work without effective bill collections? If your answer is no, then you would rather turn to the IVR bill reminders and collection application. For firms dealing in post-paid services and products, here is a great and automatic bill reminder which places direct calls to customers before and after due dates of their bills. This is a double blessing to the firm because the hefty weight of accounts receivable overhead is lifted without extra costs.
More Customization
Finally, the custom IVR comes round this year with a bang. This application grants developers of webs and telephony solutions to create customized IVR applications that meet the demands of any project or requirement. This is an amazing offer especially for firms because it allows them to create what fits their products and services; what can deliver the sales that they want. These are the best IVR uses 2012.