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Mount Cook (Aoraki) National Park is quite possibly 1 of the most gorgeous areas I've ever seen. The same desire seems to have fired the young Edmund Hillary when he very first gazed on this sight in 1939, aged 20. It was the starting of a life-long love affair with the mountain when he became the first living New Zealander to appear on a dollar bill, he insisted that Mt Cook was pictured behind him, not Everest. Its an awesome activity in Mount Cook and on these tours, you can paddle out to the glacier and get a significantly closer look with the added security of a professional guide.

In reality, it was not till 1851 that Captain JL Stokes, sailing down the West Coast, gave the mountain its European name, in honour of Cook. You may possibly choose to upgrade to single accommodations in Wanaka or at Aoraki Mount Cook Village at your personal expense, need to you need. If feasible, I advocate staying overnight in Mount Cook Village in order to make the most of your trip.

Hostelling International utilizes cookies to guarantee you have the very best expertise on our web site. The distance from Twizel to Mount Cook National Park is about 63 km (39 mi) and the distance from Omarama to mount cook village weather Cook National Park is 95 km (59 mi). On a good, clear day you can see Mt. Cook effortlessly at the other finish of the lake, and if there is no wind, there is typically an wonderful reflection.

Second day of the climb, rest day, contingency day or fly out on a back flight to Mount Cook Airport. Aoraki Mount Cook National Park has many walking, hiking and climbing trips offered. From seeing the glaciers up close to hopping on a scenic flight, make positive your check out to Mount Cook is significantly much more than a check out: it wants to be a revolution, an earthquake of who you are.

State Highway 80 on the South Island of New Zealand follows the length of Lake Pukaki from State Highway eight all the way to Mount Cook National Park. Other mountaineering routes incorporate crossing the Aroarokaehe Variety via the Copland Pass, the Mount Cook Range through the Ball Pass, and routes crossing the Tasman Saddle additional north. Situated amongst a functioning sheep station, Glentanner Park has an enviable position as gateway to the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park.

No other national park in New Zealand can match Mt Cook for large mountains and real alpine scenery, proper in front of your eyes. The name of Aoraki (Mt Cook) originates from an old Maori legend about Aoraki and his 3 brothers, who have been the suns of Rakinui (the Sky Father). For example, The Hermitage Hotel management will be offered the chance to operate across the Event Hotels in New Zealand and achieve invaluable knowledge, while some Occasion Hotel management will now have the chance to invest time working at Mount Cook," he explains.

Get a complete description and see a video of the 55 km mountain and lake scenic drive on State Highway 80 to Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand. The minimum length of a Mt Cook trip is six days, this offers us adequate time to maximise the chance of accomplishment and pick secure climate & circumstances on this expedition style mountain. 6 day guided climbing expedition to Mt Cook 3724m, New Zealand's highest mountain.