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If you are planning on getting a kitten, most potential pet owners are not aware that dental issues can often give rise to serious cat health problems. So, catsituation as a cat owner, you need to know all about such problems and take preventive measures on time to make sure that you pet enjoys a healthy life.
Some common cat health problems related to dental issues include periodontal diseases, Feline Stomatitis and FORL. Tartars, plaque and cavities cause periodontal diseases and FORL, Feline Stomatitis is usually caused due to the cat's allergic reaction to bacterial plaque or when your pet becomes affected by bacterial or viral infections.
Some cats also find it difficult to chew their food due to maladjustment of their teeth. In order to ensure proper dental health of your cat, you need to have a proper dental care routine in place as soon as your kitten reaches the age of one. Even an adult cat should have a proper routine of regular brushing of teeth using toothpaste made specifically for your feline companion.
You should invest in some special toothbrushes for the brushing regimen of your cat. Even toothbrushes fit for very young kids can help you for this purpose. However, for young kittens, it's advisable to use your fingers to message the gum and then gradually introduce the usage of a toothbrush once your feline friend gets accustomed to the process. Introduction of the right brushing techniques at a young age will help your kitten get into the habit by the time it becomes a mature cat.
A regular appointment with the vet is also important to have your cat's teeth professionally cleaned, scaled and polished. Such a regular check up will also help you to get the dental problems, if any, diagnosed right on time.
To keep your cat away from dental ailments, you can even make use of various cat products available in the market. Using some foods with abrasive qualities can act as natural scaling agents while the introduction of certain soluble products in your cat's drinking water can do away with the problem of tartar and plaques. However, before using any of these products on your own, consult your vet as he or she can give you the right advice on what would be suitable for your pet.
We hope that this article gives you some insight on potential dental problems that might affect your kitty and helps you to prevent cat health problems that might crop up in the future.