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I don't. Because I don't have a garden. Well, I have a garden because it's in my yard but I don't have a garden myself. My wife does the gardening. And, well, I guess I do benefit from the garden.
We have a small piece of property and when my wife first started gardening I didn't think too much about it. I've done a little gardening from time to time in my life and I enjoy it but if I do or do not have a garden doesn't make too much difference to me. So my reaction to her garden was, if any, benign tolerance.
My attitude has changed. I must admit that if she were for some reason to give up with her gardening I would take over. I love it. And the reason for this is that I benefit from that garden. I benefit in a number of ways.
Bear in mind that my involvement is minimal as far as the actual gardening goes. But I am involved in other ways. For instance, cbd mobile apps when she needed an outdoor work bench made, guess who? I love building things and I love being out of doors. And I love having her happy with me for any reason. So, I benefited.
When she needed a load of composed manure for the garden guess who got to go and get it? I love any excuse to use my beloved truck and I love exercise with a purpose. Also, I love the happy look on her face as she enjoyed a new load of manure. And she was once again happy with me. So, I benefited.
I eat a lot of garlic; a lot of garlic. I suggested that she grow some garlic. Well, she did her gardening research and started growing garlic. Wow, did she grow garlic. The stuff is gorgeous and it is so much better than store bought. I love my garlic. She is happy with me that I love her garlic. Once again I benefit.