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Do you like something that looks more like a wallet and not as a phone case? It leaves the rear of the phone completely exposed, though since the bumper is thicker than the phone’s body, it will protect the rear glass panel in case of a drop. While they protect your iPhone from scratches and scrapes, they generally won’t help throughout a face down drop. However, you can be certain that your iPhone XS won’t break when during an accidental fall or drop. The military grade drop fortification, dual-layered PC and TPU built takes the protective levels to the ballpark. Since it has dual-layered protection, this one will be able to withstand even some of the more aggressive drops. If you are into more classy looks, then ZVEdeng wallet case can be appealing to you. A 3-card slot, a side pocket for money or more cards, and with a magnetic lock design, it is very convenient. Pulling on the magnetic lock cover reveals two slots for your card and a sleeve for your bills. The card slots are designed for the user to store your cash or cards conveniently. This iPhone XS wallet case has a glazing finish and is enough giant to store your phone and wallet essentials.

Once you near the critical level, then fully recharge your phone full into one go. But if you’re really looking for style, stick with one of the wallet cases from Silk! LUPA actually offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your purchase, be sure to speak to Amazon or LUPA. It still offers some really nice protection for the iPhone XS, but round the back, you have room for three or so credit or debit cards, as well as plenty of space for cash. Try out this wallet case from Silk in which you can easily carry three cards along with some money. There’s a flap on the right back of the case that slides out where you can fit credit and debit cards, as well as cash and also other items, if you so choose. After you have it prearranged, just push the bubbles out and you’re all set.

Made of premium anodized aluminum, the sleek car charger safely recharges your iPhone or iPad while you’re on-the-go. If you’re looking for a good cross between ample protection and storage for your credit cards and cash, the Spigen Slim Armor CS may be the way to go. Sure, it’s got bells and whistles galore, but the way the phone feels in hand may be the one feature you’ll encounter most. They are hard enough to protect your phone and at the same time soft enough to avoid any scratches. Furthermore, the two-in-one functionality of this iPhone XS wallet case allows you to carry your phone and cash at the same time. You can even use this case without a screen tempered protection on as it includes shock protection and full frame protection functionality. It comes along with a snap button clasp so that your cards and money protected even if you utilize it roughly.

This particular case is able to hold up to four credit or debit cards, and it may also hold a few bills, too. And there’s even room for cash! Need a secret place to hide your cards and cash? Want to carry multiple cards along, iphone xs kılıf yet don’t want a card holder? The patented design is significantly crafted for iPhone XS and hides your cards and other IDs. The vintage style design looks extremely unique, and can make your iPhone XS stand out from the crowd. Check it out for yourself at the hyperlink below. The main selling point is the Flexshock material lining that outlines the case and absorbs drops while its check design adds an unique finish that looks great. According to the manufacturer, the case is capable of helping the iPhone survive drops from up to 8 feet. This way you can connect your phone case to a wallet case or our convenient car or ring mounts for maximum comfort and style.