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Mountain Bike Open Face Helmets \u2013 Reviews, Comparisons ...Mountain biking entails the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain. Choosing a helmet camera with durability and easy of use is essential. Often one makes the mistake of purchasing a cheap camera with low quality video resolution and often not durable enough for the conditions most mountain bikers ride in. Choosing a helmet camera with durable features and the easy of use while riding is important for quality videos.

Having a camera that is easy to use is important when riding, so you are focusing on your ride and not the helmet camera equipment. Choosing a camera with a single cable that connects the recorder to the camera head will allow you to move and ride freely without the mess of wires getting in the way or disconnecting. A helmet cam with many mounting options is essential for the right position of your camera. There are many mounts for different applications such as the handle bars, helmet, and rails. You can even mount a remote control to the handle bars or your wrist for easy access. You can mount your camera securely without the worry of the camera falling off and getting lost. Some helmet cameras provide software that allow you to tag, edit, and share your videos. Having a helmet camera with editing software will make it easy to edit, share, and upload to your favorite video host.

Durability is very important for most hard core mountain bikers. Often you will encounter a rain shower when riding on a trail. Choosing a mountain bike helmet camera that is weatherproof, waterproof, shockproof, and dust proof is a must. Having these features in a helmet cam will insure durability and life of your camera. Why settle for a cheap helmet cam that does not provide these features just to replace it with a quality and durable camera in the future.

Mountain biking helmet cams are designed to fit the needs of most hard core riders. Making sure the camera you choose has all the features you will need and use is important. Durability should be on the top of your list of options when choosing your helmet cam for riding. Remember each helmet camera provides slightly different features than another. Looking at the pros and cons of each camera will help you decide which helmet camera will give your the best budget mountain bike helmet recordings of all your mountain biking races and trail rides.