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If you wish to download and save a Vimeo based video, you just need to download it. Simply click on to the 'download' button that is located right next to the video. Alternatively, you can get hold of a Vimeo downloader to execute the work with precision and convenience. But what if you wish to embed a Vimeo video in your website? Check out what you need to do.

Step 1

Go to the Vimeo account and select the video that you wish to embed. The selected Vimeo video will have a tab next to it that reads 'Embed'. Click on to that tab.

Step 2

Now a dialogue box will appear with two different prompts.

One of the prompts will read 'Get the code'. You need to click onto the relevant button to generate the embedding code. Then, you can copy it and paste it on the related page of your website.

However, this easy option is only for the iFrame users. But Joomla and WordPress need to follow the other prompt.

Locate a command on the dialogue box that reads 'Old embed code'. Click onto it and a similar patch will appear which will ask you to generate a code. As soon as you get the code, follow the same steps as those meant for iFrame.

Step 3

At this stage, you will be shown a preview so that you can decide whether you will use the video as it is or some modifications will make it even better. However, do remember that the preview does not exactly replicate the final video that will be seen in your website.

Step 4

Good news is that before you use the Vimeo video for your website, you can make it personalized! When you opt for customization, the dialogue box that opens will present options like color, size, intro, etc. Put your desired data into the relevant spaces and wait for the final code to get generated. Again, a restriction here is that if you are using others' Vimeo video, you might not be able to use all the edit options readily.

Step 5

Now go back to your website, locate the area for embedding video and paste the code. But for WordPress you just need to write before and after the code and follow the same process.