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Property owners do not want to have their property vandalized. There are several cost effective measures that property owners can take in order to protect their investment property. Here are 3 ways to safely protect your rental property.
Security Camera
Major retail stores like Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and Costco sell security camera packages. Most of these packages come with multiple cameras with night vision capabilities and Oklahoma have digital recorder hard drives. Some even come with the capability of viewing the property in real time via the Internet. These packages cost about $700 and can be easily installed in a few hours. If you get the version that allows live viewing via the Internet you will need to have an extra cable line installed at the property. We have successfully installed the digital recorder and internet line in the attic. Criminals will be less likely to rob a property that has cameras installed on all 4 corners of the property.
A/C Cages
With the increase in price for copper and aluminum, many thieves are targeting air conditioning units. They can easily remove an A/C unit and put it in the back of a truck in less than 5 minutes. The cost to replace an A/C can easily exceed a thousand dollars. The best way to protect the A/C is to install a cage. A cage can be installed for about $250. Would you much rather pay $250 for the cage or $1,500 for a new A/C?
Flood Lights
Thieves much prefer to rob properties that are not well lit because this gives them a place to hide without being seen. If you property has a flood light, this would discourage them from robbing the place. Most flood lights can be purchased with photo sensors that come on automatically at night and then turn off at daybreak. You can get flood lights with sensor detectors for the parking lot. When the light senses movement, they turn on automatically.
You have made a significant investment in your rental property. You should protect your rental property by installing these 3 items.