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When we're discussing 2012 prom dresses it's important to set the scene.
You're going to prom with your friends and hopefully a dreamy date! This may well be the first time you've attended a formal party and so you're feeling a mixture of nerves, excitement and dizziness!
There are so many questions facing a girl attending prom in 2012. Prom dresses are readily available, but which should you choose? Which styles are hot this year? Most importantly of all, are you going to be wearing the same dress as someone else!?
So having a handle on the prom dress style trends that are hot right now is so important as you prepare for prom. The good news is that here we're going best place to buy party dresses talk through some of the hottest style trends for 2012 prom dresses, meaning that you have no excuse not to look cute, fashionable and unique!
Let Celebrities Guide You
A lot of the trends that we see creeping into the year's prom dresses are first seen in high fashion and worn by celebrities at various famous events such as the Golden Globes. Therefore a good starting point for you when you're beginning your search is to check the glossy magazines and famous media outlets for celebrity red-carpet pictures.
Do you see any trends or styles cropping up regularly? Then these are the ones to consider for your prom dress. Remember, these guys are styled by professionals who have their finger on the pulse of all of the hottest trends in 2012. Prom dresses will be made following these trends, so it's just a matter of finding them based on what's hot.
To help you we've already narrowed down eight cutting-edge style trends you'll want to pay attention to for your 2012 prom dresses:
1. Long prom dresses
This trend is a given, as prom is a formal event. You may not know this, but long skirts are usually a standard for formal events. This is because women have been wearing long-skirted dresses at events such as balls for hundreds of year's so it's become the norm.
2. Short prom dresses
If long skirts aren't your thing though then you can of course choose to go short. Many prom purists would argue that short skirts are more appropriate for homecoming which is less formal, however we are seeing an upsurge in the number of girls wearing short skirts to prom, so you won't be alone.
3. Mermaid prom dresses
So-called because these dresses have a curvaceous silhouette that look like a mermaid's tail! Basically the skirt tapers in at the knee and then flares out towards the floor. This is a great style for showing off your figure and can also add curves to your frame if you're skinny.
4. Asymmetrical prom dresses
This style is still in fashion and it's a great one to choose if you want to make sure that you're looking unique as these dresses tend to look quite edgy with a neckline that isn't balanced.
5. Sequins and glitter
Some fashion experts said that this trend was going out, but they were wrong! We've seen masses of glittery dresses on display at celebrity events and so you also won't go wrong if you choose them and will also be eye-catching.
6. Thigh-high slits in skirts
You'll definitely cut an impressive figure if you flash some leg and this style trend for 2012 prom dresses is really daring! We've seen these a lot in fashion shows and on celebs, so get in the action!
7. Strapless prom dresses
A timeless dress option for any prom. We know these aren't for everyone's taste, but there aren't many cuter dresses than a strapless sweetheart style if you can wear it without needing the extra support of straps. Just be sure to invest in a strapless bra and then you're good to go.
8. Girlie decoration
Unleash your inner princess with pretty embellishments like lace applique, sparkly glitter and flowery prints. Just have fun and really dazzle your friends and date!