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He is the practicing sexologist and a part time lecturer of medicine at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, discuss he also had added courses in the OHSU School of Medicine. In addition, with 14 years of experience, he is a regarded philanthropist and also invests time and efforts into serving individuals all over the world as his main extracurricular activity.

While he researched urology at the Morehouse School of Medicine, also, he got supplemental courses in the Morehouse School of Medicine and is also well-known for his personalised approach and his capability to be truthful to the affected person, without dreading for more information the possible effects.

As an important professional medical professional, he attends the different health-related seminars and frequently presents his opinion on the issue throughout the various conventions organized by the worldwide known medical care businesses. He is the author of various training books on different health care matters and his viewpoint is extremely esteemed within the specific groups.

Acknowledged as the leading specialist in his field, he also writes weblogs along with reports for more information the major health care magazines. He had the unique honor to be quoted by the national media companies as well as various talk shows.