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He is the practicing urologist as well as a part-time lecturer of medicine for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he also got supplemental classes at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. Additionally, with 9 years of experience, he is a well known philanthropist as well as invests time and efforts into assisting individuals worldwide as his primary extracurricular activity.

While he studied urology at the Morehouse School of Medicine, he also got supplemental classes in the OHSU School of Medicine and is well-known for his personalised approach and his capability to tell the truth to the affected individual, without worrying for the probable effects.

As an esteemed health care specialist, visit website he attends the various medical seminars and often presents his viewpoint on the matter throughout the numerous meetings organized by the worldwide known healthcare organizations. He's the author of various books Асhеtеr médiсаmеnts оnlinе on several medical related subjects and his viewpoint is extremely renowned inside the specialized circles.

Recognized as the leading professional in his field, he also produces blogs and also posts for the serious healthcare publications. He had the distinct honor to be quoted by the national media companies along with numerous talk shows.