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But it was true, and that was the first time that I was willing to consider talking with my own doctor. Effexor XR is the brand name of the generic drug venlafaxine. And finally after months, we have finally made our natural cure available to the public. I asked an expert if there was a way to prevent discontinuation syndrome from Cymbalta and similar antidepressants: Joe Wegmann, psychopharmacologist and licensed clinical social worker, author of Psychopharmacology: Straight Talk on Mental Health Medications. Now a few hours later, I am feeling fine and getting ready to get some housework done.

Most people who have deficient knowledge cause them not to seek any treatment. Other sleep disturbances started, wicked bad dreams, wicked good dreams. Did you know that coming off anti-depressants, especially SSRIs like Paxil can actually cause withdrawal symptoms. If the patient understands that your major concern is to help, not punish them, they may open up, if not on the first interview, when you might inquire again later if substance abuse is suspected. I'm pretty sure this is just the placebo-effect of reading up on the side effects a little last night.

As stated above, if you've missed your dose, take it. The new medical plan did not cover Cymbalta, so she got a prescription for Effexor, which belongs to the same class of drugs that Cymbalta does. Rapid lifestyle, stress, over work, chronic pain, etc. My mother denied having depression, and attributed her apathy, overall weakness, inability to hold herself together while doing simple shopping, comments about wanting to die, excessive crying, loss of appetite and withdrawal from daily activities to 1) post-surgical knee discomfort, and then 2) a developing pain in both hands and arms, along with continuing tingling in the fingers. 3 & 4, and posted on The La Leche League International's website, he says that "Fortunately the average transfer of most medications into human milk is exceedingly low.

The combination of other nutrients and elimination food sensitivities has pushed up the success rate 80%. The side effects of Effexor XR I have experienced are treatable, and livable. The older class of tricyclic antidepressants have been more extensively studied. From dropping my 400-600 mg dosage to a dosage of 120 mg I exhibited a number of withdrawal symptoms. All other studies including those that question the efficacy of a drug are always quietly shelved away in difficult to find libraries by the industry.

Going out to dinner where people drink, or going to events where people drink is completely the wrong choice for them. Side effects are common so let your doctor help you. Urine testing during therapy may be necessary for monitoring the proper dosage of neurotransmitter repletion. The Cymbalta was working so beautifully that on the eighth evening, I kept the dose at 30 mg (I was in charge of administration). If you take any medications to treat migraine headaches and mix it with Effexor it can kill you.