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I’m writing you this postcard at the top of my grand tour of Italy, and, oh, what a tremendous journey it was because of our excellent guides, named Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. We saw the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the gondoliers of Venice, all in the span of a couple of minutes this afternoon, and all in the form of dazzling embroidery. They actually know methods to have an excellent time!

They played all of my favourite Italian songs, too, like when the moon hits your eye and it’s a giant velvet costume with a painting of Madonna on it (no, not that one) or when the world seems to shine like a caftan with the green-and-white stripes of a cabana chair. That’s a-Dolce!

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Oh, these guys love vacationers, so much, the truth is, they left us with some fabulous souvenirs, discount ferragamo belt outlet belt (her response) postcard-perfect dresses in the team colours of each of our favourite cities, even Lake Como and Taormina (pictured, above). And it was wonderful to take selfies! They inspired it, really. You won’t believe their bedazzled iPhone cases… Don’t fear, I’m bringing back several for the cousins!

It actually seems like the Italians have been in a superb temper this week, and so generous and candy when they’re not pushing me out of the way in which or lighting cigarettes in my face. You’ll by no means guess who invited me to dinner final night time, in a real palazzo! It was the Ferragamos! The hallways had been lined with narwhal tusks. Even the vestibule was filled with antiques, and I’m fairly certain the doorways have been made from velvet. I used to be too afraid to even touch a glass of champagne, however a nice younger man named Massimiliano Giornetti - he was dressed so neat! - made me feel proper at dwelling. He advised me about his new collection, which was so elegant and refreshing amid all of these loud clothes all the other designers are displaying right here, with sweater dresses that basically swing (pictured, under). Even Flavia Pennetta came out of retirement to see it.