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How can I learn the way much my limited edition 2002 Ferragamo heels are worth in the present day?

I've known as three totally different ferragamo heels stores, and so they only carry product books from 2006 and ahead. I bought them for $365 in 2002, and the only factor the sales associate on the fifth Avenue retailer in New York can inform me is that the price of their sneakers have gone up considerably. I can't discover anything remotely shut to those sneakers Wherever on-line, and i just wish to know the way much they might go ferragamo belts for cheap now, contemplating that they're restricted version and Stunning. Right here is a short description of the shoe:

They're dark blue, with iridescent stitching of the ferragamo shoes womens logo (horseshoe buckle factor-y) over your entire shoe. They're slingbacks, with a gunmetal-trying heel that is about 3 inches excessive (shiny and truly looks like steel, simply beautiful).|||I might test on ebay to see if anyone else has them up, or different neighborhood shoe sale retailers.

Also, I would ask around on shoe-enthusiast boards. Perhaps if the principle site has a forum you can ask there?|||the only method to know is to deliver them to a concienment shop and ask how much they're worth.