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There's even a spirited call and response on the title line between Leo and guest vocalist Jean Grae that sounds like it came from a really good day at the Brill Building.And director Rachel Lichtman works that happy sad dichotomy for all it's worth in a video intended to be "reminiscent of 1970s commercials for K Tel compilations."2. Paul Tabachneck, "New America"Tabachneck mines a sense of dread here that's equal parts "OKComputer" and Dylan writing "Ballad of a Thin Man" for the Beatles.The song creeps along at an ominous snail's pace in the sweet spot where it's hard to say if it's meant to be plodding or trudging or both as the singer weighs in on these turbulent times with "Can't put the beer back in the bottle / Can't put the dumb back in your mouth."The words get more specific as he moves to the chorus, singing, "We're all braced for all the greatness yet to come / We are living in the New America." The second verse hits harder with "Can't win a war with childish language / Can't win a war by shifting blame."The singer says, "With rare exceptions, I usually write about relationships and feelings. That's not untrue here, although this time it's my relationship with my country, and it is bringing me new kinds of feelings every day."He worries every day, Tabachnecksays, "about how we're going to find our way out of this, and that the answer is going to be a new Civil War."What worries me most is that when I try to converse with anyone who supports this administration, they shut down conversation after conversation with oversimplified idioms, T shirt slogans, bumper stickers, etc., that don't grasp the complexities of the situation at all."So the singer did his best to capture those complexities in song."I don't dare to think anybody listens to this song and changes their mind, any more than I ever thought writing someone who didn't love me back a song would make them change their minds, but I needed to put something out there.

marble tileGranite Countertop When Obama won the presidency in 2008, he looked to follow Lincolns blueprint in constructing his administration. Hillary Clinton, Obamas chief rival for the Democratic nomination, ended up as secretary of state. Joe Biden, who bowed out of the race early after finishing fifth place in Iowa, ended up as vice president.Granite Countertop

Marble Countertop The developer of eightduplex style condominium units that are proposed in Milford Township plans to begin work this fall if the project gets site plan and zoning board approvals."We're hoping to start moving some dirt around this year. Hopefully, we'll be rolling out our first unit, ready to go by spring," said Craig Piasecki, president of BPH Development.The Andover Park project consists of four buildings with two condos each along the east side of North Milford Road, between River Oaks Drive and Rowe. Each unit would be 1,800 square feet, with two bedrooms, kitchen with wood flooring and granite counter tops, dining room, great room, two full bathrooms, a full basementand attached two car garage."We're in the $350,000 price point, but it's not locked in yet," Piasecki said of the purchase price.More: Highland developer hopes to hit home run with sports complex planMore: Proposed development would bring condos, retail space to downtown MilfordThe project received preliminary site plan approval from planning officials last month, then hit a snag at the township board meeting Sept.Marble Countertop

Granite Countertop The one on display is on loan from the Miss American Organization. Waterford Crystal has loaned the displayed scepter, which has a slight imperfection. A scepter is used to escort Miss America down the runway after her crowning.. A couple of weeks later, he was back on his feet and thinking ahead to baseball season. The coaching urge was flowing through him again. Last fall, he took a Grand Island team Nano stone that had just one returning starter and led them to an 8 1 1 season and a second straight Section VI Class B 1 football championship.Granite Countertop

slate flooring tiles Christianson wanted to remove the wall to create an open concept floor plan. First he consulted with a friend, an architect, who informed him that the wall was load bearing. Tearing it out would require adding a support post. Pitt County Veterans Memorial you see right here at the Greenville Town Common was our first project, in honor of all who gave their lives in service to God and country, Pascasio said. There is another kind of memorial, not made of polished granite. On May 20, Levi Clemons and Al Rice of the Vietnam Veterans Association led about 100 Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Junior ROTC members in placing more than 3,600 flags at the gravesites of our beloved departed veterans slate flooring tiles.