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betta fish factsGravel is not necessary in uncycled betta tanks, which is used for purely aesthetic reasons. Aquarium gravel, river rocks, or marbles are all appropriate for betta tanks.

A sorority set-up just isn't natural to the bettas, though convenient for your keepers, and they have to be monitored closely. Some female bettas are only too aggressive to be kept in a sorority. It is important to maintain an eye on a real set-up to be sure the bettas are secure and happy. Only experienced betta keepers should attempt a sorority.

Driftwood is effective for soft water fish like bettas. It releases beneficial tannins into water, similar to the betta's native habitat. However, it can be best how to take care of a betta fish in a bowl buy driftwood marked designed for aquarium use, as driftwood found outdoors may be contaminated.

In many cases, tap water is appropriate for bettas, nonetheless it must be addressed with water conditioner (also called dechlorinator). This removes chlorine and chloramine plus neutralizes chemical toxins, and can kill your fish. There are many good brands of water conditioner that work nearly instantly, such as Prime and AquaSafe.

Bettas will quickly learn to associate the eyedropper with food! Live foods such as wingless fruit flies and blackworms can even be offered to your betta.

For tanks from one gallon to 2.5 gallons, submersible 7.5 watt pad heaters will raise the temperature several degrees. WalMart sells a Jr. Heater, and Hydor makes a Mini Heater, as both versions have been proven to work.