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Now that Virginia Beach is officially a Pulse Point Group, we need your help to assist us find all of the automated exterior defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the town. Different main roads embrace Virginia Seashore Boulevard ( U.S. Route fifty Virginia Beach eight ), Shore Drive ( U.S. Route 60 ), which connects to Atlantic Avenue on the oceanfront, Northampton Blvd ( U.S. Route 13 ), Princess Anne Street ( State Route 165 ), Indian River Road (former State Route 603), Lynnhaven Parkway, Independence Boulevard, General Booth Boulevard, and Nimmo Parkway.

Norfolk headquartered Virginia Pure Gas , a subsidiary of AGL Resources , distributes natural fuel to the town from storage crops in James Metropolis County and Chesapeake. It's south of the average path of storms originating within the higher latitudes, and north of the standard tracks of hurricanes and different main tropical storms, apart from Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

Different major firms headquartered in Virginia Seashore embody Amerigroup , the Christian Broadcasting Network and Operation Blessing International Different main employers embody GEICO , VT and Navy Trade Virginia Beach Service Command 40 Virginia Beach was ranked at number 45 on Forbes listing of greatest places for enterprise and careers.

54 Hampton Roads is the second largest metropolitan area in the United States with out a club in a serious professional sports Virginia Beach league, after the Austin metropolitan space. Virginia Seaside is served by Sentara Virginia Seashore General Hospital and Sentara Princess Anne Hospital.

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