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The Port of Corpus Christi , which is the fifth-largest U.S. port 29 and deepest inshore port on the Gulf of Mexico , handles mostly oil and agricultural products. The School of Nursing and Health Sciences 12 provides two undergraduate degrees. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is a element of the Texas A&M College System It was previously referred to as Corpus Christi State College, Texas A&I University at Corpus Christi, and the University of Corpus Christi.

Initially named Texas A&I College at Corpus Christi it might later be named Corpus Christi State University before becoming a member of the Texas A&M College System in 1989 and taking its present identify. Where Texas Meets the Sea: Corpus Christi and Its History (University of Texas Press, 2015) 360 pp.

The Harte Analysis Institute for Gulf of Mexico Research brings scientists to the campus to strengthen TAMU-CC's research on environmental points going through Corpus Christi Texas the Gulf of Mexico, area wetlands , coastal waterways, and beaches. Fishing is a well-liked leisure activity in Corpus Christi.

Between 1981 and 2010, Corpus Christi averaged 31.seventy three inches or 805.9 millimetres of rainfall; nevertheless, lengthy intervals with little or no rainfall are regular, and hurricanes can regularly produce every day falls of over 4 inches or one hundred and one.6 millimetres.

The Islander cross nation group is thought to be the most successful sport in class history, as the ladies's group has received 7 out of the 9 conference titles (greater than another staff within the historical past of Texas universities). The School of Science and Engineering eleven affords 12 undergraduate and 5 graduate levels.

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