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Best Of Texas Gulf Coast, TX Tourism
The longest spell with out measurable rainfall in Corpus Christi has been fifty five days from June 23 to August 17 (inclusive) of 1895, and from June 1 to July 25 of 1915, while Corpus Christi Texas easily the driest calendar 12 months has been 1917, with a mere 5.38 inches or 136.7 millimetres.

The Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies brings scientists to the campus to strengthen TAMU-CC's research on environmental points facing the Gulf of Mexico, space wetlands , coastal waterways, and seashores. Fishing is a well-liked recreational activity in Corpus Christi.

In 2015, Men's Well being journal ranked Corpus Christi as the fattest city in the United States, renaming it "Corpulent Christi". Del Mar now includes a west campus situated within the space of Corpus Christi that after was Cliff Maus Airport. If you need to receive the latest data from the City of Corpus Christi, subscribe to obtain emails on our newsroom website.

It's positioned in Cole Park on the shoreline of the Corpus Christi Bay near downtown. The university's island campus. Common fishing activities embody fishing from numerous piers around Corpus Christi Bay , wade fishing in Oso Bay, and fishing from the Gulf of Mexico at Packery Channel or at Bob Hall Pier.

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