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Evidence that smoke alarms and any carbon monoxide alarms have been in working order at the start of the tenancy. Tenants should then regularly check they truly are working.

5. Living in your rented home
The tenant must…

Spend the rent on time. In the event that you don’t, you might lose your property because you have actually broken your tenancy agreement. For those who have problems, GOV.UK has links to advice that is further. Consider these practical steps for spending your lease on time.

Pay some other bills that you are accountable for on time, such as council taxation, gas, water and electricity bills. You can choose your own energy supplier if you pay the gas or electricity bills.

Care for the home. Get your landlord’s authorization before trying repairs or designing. It is well worth getting contents insurance coverage to pay for your personal property too, as the landlord’s insurance coverage won’t cover your things.

Be considerate towards the neighbors. You will be evicted for anti-social behavior if you aren’t.

Not take in a lodger or sub-let without checking whether you will need permission from your own landlord.

And you also, the tenant, should…

Be sure you know how to operate the boiler as well as other appliances and understand in which the stopcock, fuse box and any meters are observed.

Regularly test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors – at least one time a month.

Report any requirement for repairs to your landlord. You will have a danger to your deposit in case a small repair turns right into a significant problem because you would not report it.
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Appropriate charges - generally comprising lawyer's fee plus those of any queries completed

Land registry costs

Valuation/inspection (survey) charges

Home loan "arrangement" fees (essentially points, an payment that is up-front return for better prices)


A string is where you intend to purchase a homely home from Mr A, but Mr A is waiting to get a home from Mr B, and Mr B is waiting buying a house from Mr C etc. In view associated with the late stage of repairing a completion date chains happen all too frequently in english estate that is real.

The way that is only avoid getting caught in a string would be to curb your search to properties listed as "no chain" or "vacant possession" (unoccupied). It's also well worth having your attorney to ensure this included in the conveyancing process.