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Thread holder just isn't firm. The thread cannot stand upright. If it does, it gets drawn and wound up across the holder.

Hint: spot the large spool pin limit upside down toward the top of the thread holder, place the thread on it, making sure it fits all of the way on the owner, then place another smaller spool pin limit on the other hand associated with thread.

Would Improve if it Had:

An attribute that will really enhance this, other than the above mentioned, would be an thread that is automatic, once the Quantum Stylist 9960 has. Otherwise, you're wasting plenty of thread before you can cut it because you have to pull the entire hoop off. So if you are using it well merely to check the bobbin, you need to either rewind the bobbin to save that thread you have simply taken up, or you waste it.

Overall, the machine is pretty good. Other than the above issues mentioned, this could end up being the perfect embroidery machine, through this budget range. I've not really used it being a sewing that is regular because I've my Quantum 9960 for that. When I had the CE250, it was the only real machine I'd. I didn't like heading back and forth with taking apart the embroidery area of the machine and setting it up, then taking it aside once more to use it as being a sewing machine that is regular. I wish Singer had an embroidery machine that only did embroidery, cut fully out the features that are special a sewing machine, consequently cutting the cost and the extra pieces it is sold with.
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Editing and autopunch software isn't added to the basic computer software because it did utilizing the CE250. You need to purchase it separate and it is quite expensive. It is not suitable for the CE250 software, so it still won't work with it if you already have all the software from CE250. You need to repurchase it. I take advantage of a program that is free my modifying, Stitch Era Universal.

It is extremely loud and clanky as soon as the hoop moves on high speeds. If only it had been quieter for once I am embroidering late at when everyone else is sleeping night. Needless to say if I'm embroidering during the time, it is not a problem.

Message System isn't really reliable. It beeps at me personally constantly when there is no thread break. I have a thread net and spool cap for my thread, which used to repair the issue with my CE250, however it doesn't seem to make difference that is much the XL400. When it's definately not running out of bobbin thread, it will beep, but when I completely go out of bobbin thread or the top thread breaks, it doesn't beep until after at the least 8 stitches have past after the break, but the good news is that you are able to return back by pushing the trunk switch in the machine. Push it you want it to start sewing again, then press the start button until you get to where.

Hint: often all you have to do is tighten up or loosen the thread and it will stop beeping. Hold the thread with your fingertips extremely loosely you can let go until it stitches for a while without beeping, then. Also, check to see in the event that thread is tangled round the thread owner.