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October can tell you Ohio State's potential. A conference opener against Michigan State should be a great test for the silver bullets as Kirk Cousins are going to one with the better quarterbacks they will face. Everyone has the road trip to Nebraska circled across the calendar. Using what could be their toughest game within the year, can the Buckeyes prevail from a challenging the environmental? After this comes what many point to as Ohio State's trap game, a road trip to Il. For some reason the Buckeyes struggle in Champaign to ensure that Check it out will be interesting to view how the group responds to consecutive road games. After this, the Bucks are sent a break through to the 3win8 big showdown.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tampa kept pace with New Orleans in the opening week along a possibility to win. QB controversy already starting between Jeff Garcia and Brian Griese.

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