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For instance, if someone buys a certain amount of merchandise from you, why not send them something like a customized snow globe or a golf umbrella that has your company's logo silk-screened discreetly onto one of the panels? Titleist's Tour Speed is a high performance, multilayer golf ball with a proprietary thermoplastic urethane cover. We have a great selection of high quality balls that's perfect from promotion and your game too. Many sites offer high quality, brand name, used golf balls to the sports lovers. We brand our Golf Balls in Australia inside our pad print facility located in both Sydney and Melbourne. If so, consider investing in glow in the dark golf balls! So, if you know what sport the groomsmen enjoy, it's a simple matter of picking up matching cufflinks. Sport themed beverage containers are wonderful gifts. If you know which sport they like, you can even have the logo of their favorite game or of their favorite team on the container.

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The Autograph Golf Ball is manufactured in two halves which makes it perfect for shipping as the two halves can be seated inside each other with many balls fitting into a carton. If you have a slice, this often can be fixed by custom fitting. You can have a hundred printed up at one go, all emblazoned with your company name, phone number and hours. You can do whatever you like to customize your golf equipment. A green felt lining cover the back and there are 15 indentations to display those prized golf balls. Great for golf players and golf enthusiasts alike, company logo golf balls are easy to find on the green and nice to display in an office! Finally, we advise you to read the following tips before looking for discount golf club. 1 - You want to make sure that your gift will stand the test of time so if money is not an issue, you can splurge on something very useful like a club.

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Q: Why choose printed golf balls? These printed promotional mugs enjoy more exposure than pens and are more universal than golf balls. Bottles that clip to golf bags are especially handy and budget-friendly. You could add a small, mini umbrella in some pocket, which would come really handy if you experience a rogue storm. They are small, easy to carry, and most people will take them because they are useful. Office gadgets are best for this, so consider mouse pads, small radios for an office, pewter cups to hold pens and pencils, stress balls, and other office themed pieces. Titleist produces a small variety of ball colors, including white, yellow, pink, and orange. Titleist has already added a wing at its New Bedford, Mass., plant that’s specifically designed to make the ball’s TPU cover. When you are looking for a great way to make sure that people don't forget you and the services that you can provide, you'll find that one great way to remind them is through customized merchandise. Examples are the personalized golfer's multi-tool set or a personalized golf towel. But with discount golf balls, you can buy them in bulk. Discuss with the experts with the ideal kind of golf ball to buy.