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Standard rental qualifications are pretty basic. Here’s what you need to qualify: 

 NOTE: These qualifications don’t necessarily apply to all apartments so check each leasing office for details.

18 Years of Age or Older: In most states, you need to be 18 years old or older to rent an apartment on your own. In some cases individuals just under 18 might be able to rent an apartment depending on individual state laws and requirements.

Solid Employment History and Income:  Apartment managers want proof that you can pay the rent each month. A solid employment history with corresponding wages is a clear sign of financial stability. Most apartments require you to provide proof of employment going back a few years.

They also require that you include salary history. If you’re co-renting a unit with a friend or family member or have a co-signer, that additional person also needs to provide employment and salary history.

Apartment Renting History:  Apartment managers not only want to verify that you can afford to pay the rent but they also want to make sure you’ll be a suitable, trouble-free tenant. If you have any inquiries relating to in which and how to use High Line Pointe, you can call us at the web site. That’s why many complexes require apartment renting history.
They require a list of previous apartments you’ve rented in the past. Apartment managers can check to see if you were a trouble tenant, failed to pay rent, or got kicked out.

Personal Credit Check/History:  Having a solid employment history and a clean report card from other apartment complexes will only get you so far. Apartment managers also require a credit check to check your delinquency history, see if anything has gone to collections, and check out other financial marks that might not be evident in your employment or apartment renting history.

When it comes to apartment renting, you need to be aware of standard rental requirements. Your apartment search will be more effective if you have the required information on hand.