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Previously hotels were considered as the first choice of stay for the visitors and travellers who wished to spend their time at a particular location away from home.
But in last few years, this has changed drastically and now visitors look for something more warm and homely to spend their time. This specific need of the oncoming visitors is carefully and considerably met by offering them serviced apartments.
Although staying in a hotel can be the common option selected by many business professionals visiting London but over the years this has channged a lot.

Hotels can be a very expensive option if the stay needs to be for a lengthy period of time, such as more than one month. This point is particularly taken care in Serviced apartments. Serviced apartment is the right term for a temporary but a bit longer stay.
Serviced apartments are especially designed for temporary stays, but for periods of time longer than merely a few days. 
Within the corporate sector serviced apartments are recognised as a cost effective alternative to hotels especially when accommodating employees on extended stay visits in London. The main reason for their popularity is that they represent huge cost savings for companies, and in some cases can provide up to 40% reduction in accomodation costs.

But still many businesses with UK headquarters, the serviced apartments continue to remain unknown. This article focusses on the questions like what is a serviced apartment, where can I find serviced apartments in London and most importantly how much do serviced apartments cost, to give you a better idea of how serviced apartments can benefit your visit.
A serviced apartment is a regular style apartment, which gives you the comfortable environment, fully furnished and equipped apartment that receives a housekeeping service, sometimes daily but most often on a weekly basis.

In terms of size they are typically twice the size of a hotel room, and provide a living space, separate bedroom and fully equipped kitchen. Each apartment is comfortably furnished keeping in mind your needs,and most are connected with broadband more often than not included in the rate as is satellite TV. If you are you looking for more information about related web-site review our internet site.  
So if you are coming to London for business purposes and expecting to stay for a relatively long period of time, a great option for you would be to stay in a short stay serviced apartment rather than a Hotel.

For short stays of 5 nights up to 1 year, Clarendon’s short stay serviced accommodation in London is an ideal cost effective alternative to hotel accommodation.
Canary Wharf is expected to act as a main hub during the Olympic Games, especially given the convenience of arriving into City Airport, easy access to the DLR which connects with the Wharf in 15 minutes and its close proximity to the Olympic Park.

So with more space, more freedom and choice, what’s the cost? Typically today in serviced apartments canary wharf , a 1 bedroom apartment will cost in the region of £800 per week + VAT. This is based on a 7 night stay includes all utilities, council tax, TV licence and housekeeping service once a week.
Now compare this to the average cost of a hotel room plus the added costs to eat out ‘v’ self cater and you start to see substantial cost savings.
As with any other service, always make sure that you are given the best possible solution, and the company has the best staff to fullfill your needs.

Always choose a company which has the reputation of providing you with the consistent high standards of service, and capture all the details of your requirements from the choice of location, to apartment and to furnishings and guest care.