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Riverside is a city in southwestern California with a population of 294,059.
It is considered part of the greater Los Angeles area and is known for its manufacturing, education, professional service and tourism industries.

California's four largest colleges and universities are the University of California - Los Angeles, California State University at Fullerton, California State University of Long Beach, and University of California at Berkley.

Riverside, the central city of California's Inland Empire region, is a fast-growing municipality of over 300,000 that features a dynamic economy, plentiful orange groves and a diverse population. Residents have access to such institutions of higher learning as the University of California at Riverside, UCLA in nearby Los Angeles and California Baptist University.

But if youÕre thinking about moving to sunny California, thinking about going out to Hollywood to become a star?

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According to America's Career InfoNet, many of the fastest-growing jobs in California are in the health care industry. Some rapidly growing professions are that of pharmacy technician, pharmacy aide, pharmacist, respiratory therapist, medical records and health information technician, medical assistant, surgical technologist, personal and home care aide, dental hygienist, physical therapist, home health aide, dental assistant, physician's assistant, registered nurse (RN), rehabilitation counselor, dispensing optician, and diagnostic medical sonographer.

California's ever-growing population of sun-seekers means the construction industry is going strong, and many other in-demand careers are in construction and related trades.

Employment opportunities include jobs as drywall and ceiling tile installers, tile and marble setters, painters, paperhangers, plasterers, stucco masons, floor layers, carpet installers, cement masons, concrete finishers, HVAC mechanics, insulation workers, and fence installers.

So there you have it, if you want to move to Riverside, find an apartment and enjoy California living, youÕve got to understand how the job market works and where to find the best deals.