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A scale is something that measures an object in comparison to something else.
 A flower, leaf or container is only large or small when it is compared to something else.  The elements of a wedding bouquet or arrangement need to be in scale with each other.  The bouquet or arrangement also needs to be in scale with its environment.

We can look at scale in 4 ways

  • flowers in scale with their containers

  • flowers in scale with other flowers

  • flowers in scale with foliage

  • a bouquet in scale with its environment
The container that you choose for your arrangement is very important because its size and shape determines which flowers you will use.  Large, dominant flowers look better in bulky containers. If you loved this article and you would like to acquire more info regarding Lake Charles Scale Repair Company please visit our own webpage.  Fine, delicate flowers go very well with intricate, smaller containers.

Your flowers need to be in scale with each other as well.

 This does not mean that you can't use different sizes of flowers, but extremes should be avoided.  For example, very large, full-sized sunflowers would not look right beside a cluster of tiny, delicate lily-of-the-valley.

The flowers you choose should be in scale with your foliage.
 Again, this does not rule out different sizes, but extremes are distracting.  If, for instance, you have a rose bud arranged in front of a large banana leaf, it simply won't look good.  It would not be in scale and would look completely unbalanced.

An arrangement or bouquet needs to be in scale with its environment.

 Think hotel lobby and a tiny bud vase.  The flowers would not be noticed.  They would be lost in all the space.  Now think very large arrangement with numerous birds of paradise and protea squeezed into a little hospital room.  The huge design will make this small room look even smaller.

 This combination simply does not make sense.

A few more tips to keep in mind are that shiny or course textured flowers, foliage and containers look larger than they are because they attract your attention.  Similarly bright, dark, and warm colors catch your eye more than dull, light, and cool colors and therefore look larger.

When you arrange your own wedding flowers, remember to keep your flowers, foliage, and containers in scale with one another.

 the overall look will be much more pleasing to the eye if you do.