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With the aim of linking customers featuring its local stores, Wal-Mart Inc. has created a partnership with Facebook Inc., confirmed the most up-to-date biz reports. As Wal-Mart Inc. and Facebook Inc. revealed their business collaboration permit customers hook up with the area Wal-Mart stores, analysts suggest the partnership involving the two would immensely extend customer-reach of Wal-Mart, our planet's biggest retailer.

In affiliation with our planet's largest online community giant, Wal-Mart has unveiled 'My Local Walmart' page which will facilitate around nine million Facebook fans keep regular Wal-Mart local store updates. Wal-Mart's Facebook fans will get regular alerts on company's latest products, discounts, sales event etc.; the attempt covers around 3,500 Wal-Mart outlets, confirmed company sources. Wal-mart intends to cover e-commerce market:- As website marketing is now popular, Wal-Mart is making its foray in e-commerce and social media to capture online-market niche, anchortext; Continuing, and to contend with online rivals for example eBay and Amazon.

Stephen Quinn, chief marketing officer of Wal-Mart said, "With early Walmarts, customers would walk in and have the shop manager to acquire a product... This is likely to allow this type of communication at national scale. Stores be relevant on a local level as a result of interaction with customers." Wal-Mart's new facility -'My Local Walmart' page sends company's Facebook fans, who registers towards the page, two messages straight from their local stores in the initial stage, added Quinn.

'My Local Walmart' on FB:- The concept behind investing into social media is to eliminate the element of redundancy from your selling part and bring forth what's strongly related each consumer niche. For instance, Quinn said, "We can now say we now have sunscreen inside the south and snow boots in the north." Other than product info, the facility will likely allow customers to download free maps with the neighborhood stores to consider a virtual tour to the store. 'My Local Walmart' page will inform and entertain consumers especially during the rush timing of holiday shopping season, during the days like Thanksgiving when shoppers queue as much as order products on best cheap pricing.