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40 Tennyson Road
Yagoona, NSW 2199
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We are the nation’s leading supplier of an innovative marketing, lead era, and appointment setting system known as Proactive Preneed. "Preneed" refers to funerals that are prearranged and prefunded via a small value life insurance coverage coverage. Precoa has over 200 workers and is partnered with over 500 independent contractors and funeral home ppc houses and has annual sales quantity exceeding $300 million.

Family cemeteries of less than 2 acres, which don't sell burial spaces or burial merchandise. Community and nonprofit affiliation cemeteries, which provide only single-level ground burial and do not sell burial spaces or burial merchandise.

There is alternative for implementation of a preneed sales program, because the business has not actively marketed preneed in a number of years. All critical real estate is included in a sale with the business. The funeral residence constructing consists of approximately 6,425 square toes with a further 2,489 sq. foot+/-completed basement. The cemetery includes a whole of roughly 36 acres+/-, with approximately 18 acres+/- remaining to be developed. When buying a casket, many individuals don’t know the place to start — and this is comprehensible.