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Nowadays, we more often listen to the terms, digitization, digitalization and digital transformation used by IT professionals and also by non-IT professionals. IT professionals used these terms as these terms are related and are the parts of the latest IT technologies. Whereas non-IT professionals use these terms, as the current era is a business growing era across the world, the reason behind it is that every second person of the world prefer to do its own business to earn a huge amount of money in short period than to do a job of limited salaries and save a limited amount of money in a long period of time. Hence non-IT professionals who are doing the business of any field, want to grow their business and earn huge profit within a short period of time, therefore they best know the above terms as these terms are IT terms and latest IT process for the growth of any business.

The above mention terms digitization, digitalization and digital transformation are concerned with each other and have a little difference. First of all, it is essential to understand these terms, therefore here I will first describe the concept of these terms, which are mentioned as below:

1. Digitisation - Digitisation is the process of converting information from a physical appearance to its digital appearance. That is converting something non-digital into a digital one which can be used by computer systems and automate required processes for the result after execution of workflows.

Digitisation enables to create business value, which needs data. It helps to lay the foundation for business use cases that leverage the data.

For Examples:

When we scan a paper document and save it on a computer's hard drive in the form of a digital document, such as PDF, MS Word, Notepad and MS Excel.
Typing paper notes in the format of an Excel spreadsheet.
When we convert analogue VHS cassettes to CD or DVD discs which contains digital data.
2. Digitalisation - Digitalisation and digitisation are concerned with each another and both terms are nearly very similar, yet both are two different things it should be clear to everyone and remember this important point.

It is the process of forcing digitisation for the improvement of business processes. That is, it makes digitised information workable for everyone. Digitalisation terminology implies the use of digital technologies and data to create revenue and improve business.

For Examples:

When we upload an MS Word document from our computer to the online server and share it with other people to view and analyse the data.
When we make our normal Excel spreadsheet as a Google Sheet after storing it in the Google cloud server and sharing it among several users.
If you liked this short article and you would like to get additional information pertaining to digital transformation examples kindly see our webpage. When we upload digital movies from CD or DVD discs to online services for the downloading by the people.
3. Digital transformation - When we convert all the business activities, processes, products, and models from manually into digitally by using or implementing all latest digital technologies of IT Sector, then the whole procedure is known as digital transformation. The ultimate purpose of using this digital transformation process is to increase the productivity, cost-effectiveness, capability, proficiency, skill, manage risk and professionalism in any business and also find new monetisation opportunities.

The Digital transformation process has generated the revolution in every filed of businesses across the world doing things by executing all the required things in a new (digital) way.

For Examples:

When anyone read the data online in MS Word or PDF is an example of digital transformation.
When anyone moves the data from a Google Sheet into an app or system to make an analysis of the data is another example of digital transformation.
When anyone surge movies online.
When anyone collects data from clients to make an analysis of it or preparing advertisements are some other examples of digital transformation.