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Whether you select a natural or a non-organic selection you can be rest assured that it will certainly be excellent quality and tasty. Use in dishes, warm beverages, homemade granola as well as cozy calming bowls of oats for a delicate sweet flavour. During the manufacturing of raw honey, home heating is stayed clear of in order to keep every one of the all-natural vitamins and nutrients. The heating process in pasteurised honeys sadly removes the majority of natural nutrients, enzymes as well as advantages that can be located in raw honey. Because it is raw, it is taken directly from the honey extractor in its pure type as well as is not heated before product packaging.

The are healthy and satisfied as they gather nectar from native wildflowers as well as blooms. Georgia Honey Farm has been in the beekeeping industry for over three decades. As our company expanded, we companion with just the most effective beekeepers that share our vision as well as bring the very best honey from our hives to your home. We deal with competent and also seasoned beekeepers who devote their time and expertise to create the best conditions for their Etumax Plus Royal Honey VIP to be able to generate the finest honey for you. Our firm containers and also distributes just the freshest honey.