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When people choose and buy hats,hey must pay attention to both hat suits, and clothing size and other apparel color style matching, suitable for wearing occasions, with his face and body, age, hair style, be consistent.

Long hose edge or face appropriate hat drop-down hat, wide type face should wear a hat or high hat; The unfavorable wear tall canister cap clave ste Ed DaiPing who doesn't fit DingKuan hat; Older shoulds not be wearing dark hat; mark adornment Short hair suits to choose head ordinary living hat, etc.

In addition, still should not ignore the quality and appearance of the hat selection. Generally speaking sewing needle mark to tidy, cap off line, clear, and without stain; Knitted cap without needle jumping, leakage, break the needle etc phenomenon; Straw hat, the grass color should be spread evenly cap body elastic; MaBian cap knitting should tidy uniform, surface without connectors, hand knead trapped after rapid restorative.

Here is more info in regards to hat accessory take a look at the web site. Summer used to shading yundongmao, this winter continue to because it has become popular dress collocation indispensable parts. In the meanwhile, wide against cold wind wear yundongmao eaves and comfortable and fashion.

Despite too low-key colour, sapphire blue, black, tangerine become protagonist, extremely the praise highly of by sports gens. In outdoor activities of the time, appear particularly easy tie-in sportswear and lively.

Sports cap is always full of youthful vitality of the symbol, give a person relaxed, natural impression. Spring and summer is suitable for all kinds of t-shirts, shirts, jeans, vest matchs skirt, or simple cotton dress. Autumn and winter suits jeans, cowboy clothing, parka, baseball coat, big sweaters.

Hat in the past is mainly used to keep warm, especially for the frail elderly quite effective. In nowadays, but evolved into a hat of the truth decorations, style, all kinds of fabrics, bottom show hair, can make it vertical, also can set up in a long braid head, or get a small, round volumes, looks liveliness and brim, but this doesn't belong to me, never worn dressed hat, because no hair. But recently I also started wearing hat, found that played many benefits hat, can need not everyday shampoo, then others also see hidden inside white dandruff, morning also need not use to shampoo and the need to get up early and a half hours. In addition, wear a hat walking in the street, if meet don't want to see people, can put the cap pulled low let others don't recognize me.

Comparative color combination is popular key, hats and clothes off color, may appear larger figure short. Hats and clothes with color, can give a person slender impression. Hat colour to see face yellow face fixed, not suitable for tone, optional yellowish gray pink wait for color. Color black or white candidate color leeway is greater.

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