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Extensive, competitive and timely contact tracing is so far the only alternative to full lockdowns to control the spread of this SARS-CoV-2 virus inducing the COVID-19 disease.

The contact approach has demonstrated its efficacy in e.g. South Korea which shows no exponential growth of new illnesses and has not entered complete lockdown even though South Korea was among those early virus hotspots.

We can provide solutions for iOS and opencoivdtrace Android platforms together with end-to-end encryption and private regional storage interoperable with all popular BLE contact tracing protocols based on OpenCovidTrace technologies (DP-3T, Google/Apple, OpenCovidTrace and BlueTrace).
We can create your app based on our open source technology which will enable interoperability with other comparable contact tracing apps as well.

Anticovidsoft -- COVID-19 contact tracing solutions for business and authorities