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What is wind energy?

Wind is nothing but the air in motion and is caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the heat of the sun. The water bodies, the vegetative coverings and the earth's terrain modify the pattern of its flow. If you have any sort of questions regarding where and ways to use small wind generator china, you could call us at our site. When this motion power is harvested by modern wind turbines electricity is generated. These turbines help to convert the kinetic energy present in the wind into mechanical energy.

The mechanical power which is generated can be used to perform specific tasks including pumping water, grinding grains and many more. By using a generator you can convert this mechanical power into electric power to provide electricity to the schools, homes, business and other commercial areas.

However, while installing these turbines in Australia special surveys are done in the proposed areas by the energy efficiency consultants in Victoria. If you want to get wind farm planning approval in Victoria it is important to take the help and guidance of these expert consultants.

Steps to follow while building windmill

The blades of the mills are designed to extract large amount of power out of the wind in an efficient manner. But to generate the best result it is important to consider a few things before installing the generator. Some of them are discussed below:

It is important to consider the average speed of air in the area where you are going to install a windmill. If the average speed is below 10 miles per hour then the turbine cannot perform efficiently. So it is worthy to get proper guidance before installing it.

You must find out whether the type of turbine which you want is allowed to fit in that area..

Always consider the space available for building the generator. Only half an acre is allowed for building a small wind mill.

It is always better to consult with the neighbors and ask for their opinion at the initial stage of planning. Be prepared to provide logical answer to any wrong believes about TV interference and sound pollution.

While installing wind generator opt only for that size which can meet your respective demands and requirements.

If you are planning to live off the grid then you must need batteries to store electricity. In order to reduce grid consumption you can also use your wind generator.

Few essential components that are required for building a windmill are stated below:

Direct current motor

A 3 bladed propeller and a fantail which converts the wind energy in to mechanical energy

Mounting pole provided with a mounting shaft

Batteries and inverter to provide alternate current at the time of requirement.

Other essential equipments include electrical cables, ground support equipments and interconnection equipments.

The author of this article has previously written about solar energy, solar assessment, energy efficiency methods, wind energy in Victoria and many more. Here he has written about wind energy and the steps to build an effective windmill.