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Victoria Police are vowing to fine hundreds of protesters who came face to face with officers while breaking social distancing laws during a rally about the state's coronavirus lockdown.

Ten people were arrested as about 300 protested on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne on Sunday, but police promise there will be more penalties to come.  

Victorian residents frustrated by the state's relatively severe lockdown measures were joined by conspiracy theorists including anti-vaxxers and those who blame the global pandemic on 5G technology. 

The protest turned violent when police stepped in to disperse people refusing to move on while breaching social distancing laws. 

A police officer had to be taken to hospital with injuries to their rib while ten people were arrested on Sunday.

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One man locked in a standoff with police had blood dripping down his face as officers stood their ground during the violent protest 

Police escort a man away from the protest with face tattoos. He was handcuffed as he was moved into the police paddy wagon

Three protesters were charged with assaulting an officer but Victoria Police say they will use footage from the protest to identify people and make further charges.

In a statement Victoria Police said it respects the public's right to protest but the health and safety of everyone needs to be the 'number one priority'.

'Victoria Police made it very clear that if a planned protest was to proceed today, it would be in direct contravention of the Chief Health Officer's current directives,' the statement said.

'At the protest on Spring Street today, police arrested 10 people, including two organisers of the event. OC spray was deployed during an arrest of one individual.'





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'The majority of those arrested were for failing to comply with the Chief Health Officer's directions.'

'Police are continuing to investigate the events of today in order to identify other people who were in attendance. Once individuals are identified, we will be issuing them with fines and will consider any other enforcement options.'   

Protestors held signs that read 'fight for your freedom and rights' and 'don't lock down the people, lock up the government'. 

Demonstrators, including families with small children, could be heard chanting for the police to release the people who had been arrested.

Victoria Police are vowing to fine dozens of protesters who came face to face with officers while breaking social distancing laws during a rally about the state's coronavirus lockdown

A man named Walter, from Orbost - fours hours east of Melbourne - was escorted into a paddy wagon and fined $1,600 for breaking social distancing restrictions (pictured)

One man was tackled to the ground by police (left). Another was escorted away from the demonstration by officers in face masks (right)

One man was tackled to the ground as the crowd shouted 'what is his crime?'

Someone else with blood on his head could be seen surrounded by officers wearing bullet-proof vests.

Another man named Walter, from Orbost - fours hours east of Melbourne - was escorted into a paddy wagon and fined $1,600 for breaking social distancing restrictions.

He said it was a small price to pay to 'spread the message', The Age reported. 

'The police just want to intimidate you and scare you,' Walter said. 

One woman bizarrely told reporters she had government documents proving the virus was manufactured intentionally over four decades ago.

'I have evidence of the virus being created in the '70s with documents to prove it,' she told the Herald Sun.

She also claimed a 'universal coronavirus vaccine' was created in the early 2000s by US authorities who want to force 'a global microchip of humans and mandatory vaccination'.

'It's all written in the New Testament. We do not consent,' she said. 

A man dressed all in black is dragged away from the scene in Melbourne's CBD on Sunday. It's understood he was one of ten people to be arrested at the protest 

Protesters clashed with cops outside Parliament House in Melbourne CBD, Sunday, May 10

Crowds also chanted for Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to be arrested.

Gates has been targeted by trolls who believe he will use the COVID-19 vaccine to inject tracking devices into the bodies of recipients and achieve world domination.   

Theories linking coronavirus to the rollout of the new 5G network have swept the globe during the health crisis, despite experts' desperate efforts to debunk the claims.  

Chief Health Officer Brendan Murphy said a number of conspiracy theorists had contacted him, describing their views as 'nonsense'.

'There is absolutely no evidence about 5G doing anything in the coronavirus space,' Prof Murphy  told reporters in Canberra.

'I have unfortunately received a lot of communication from these conspiracy theorists myself. It is complete nonsense. 5G has got nothing at all to do with coronavirus.

Police officers look on as protesters gather outside Parliament House in Melbourne, May 10

 A police officer confronts a man as protesters gather outside Parliament House in Melbourne

Footage of the demonstration showed a large police presence as Victorian residents and conspiracy theorists banded together with signs that read 'fight for your freedom and rights'

'Similarly, I understand people have the right to protest, but they should not be breaching those social distancing rules and if they are, they should be held to account.' 

Australian professor of medicine, and public health advocate John Dwyer described conspiracy claims that 5G causes the deadly virus as 'dangerous nonsense'.

He also refuted claims 5G technology is harmful to our health.

 'At this time in the fight against the epidemic, this is dangerous nonsense. Even to have a few people think differently that social distancing isn't for them is a silly idea and is putting all of us at risk,' he said.    

'We have come so far and to blatantly breach these restrictions like that put Victoria Police in a difficult position, put our community in a difficult position and tie up police resources that we don't need tied up.

'If you are thinking about going to those protests, don't. If you do, Victoria Police will be there.'     

Commissioner Ashton urged protesters to have patience as lockdown restrictions could be lifted after the state of emergency ends on Monday.

'We get on top of this and we can start to enjoy more freedoms again,' he said on Friday.

'We are potentially not far off seeing some easing... so just be patient with us a bit longer.'

Under the current restrictions, Victorians are only allowed to leave home for essential reasons and can be fined $1,652 if caught breaking the law, under some of the most restrictive conditions in the nation. 

The current national baseline rules will be relaxed in three stages, with less risky activities such as sport and dining out starting before more dangerous ones such as clubbing and going to the cinema

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