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When Burke Hedges wrote the book " Who Stole The American Dream" he had no way of knowing at that time what was likely to come in the economy and job market in America today. Exactly how does what he was quoted saying in the early 1990's allow us to almost 20 years later. The jobless rates are high, more than it has been in a long time, there does indeed not seem to be job security maybe even less than what he stated in the book at the time of printing. How big of role should network marketing play in today's world and how can you get involved?

Is there a American Dream? Is one of the first questions in the book. Maybe it is a little different for everyone but a common thread appears to be financial freedom, so that you can do what you would like when you want. The sad the fact is that at age 65 nearly 95% of all people are dead, dead broke, still working, or determined by family, church, or state. That means only 5% are financially independent upon retirement. What happened to the American Dream?

Multi-level marketing is a term that almost everyone has heard but maybe it is often linked to other terms like pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme, multi-level pyramid could be things stated in regards to the network marketing industry. Were you aware that the multi-level pyramid it an all natural structure each oragnization that distributes goods and services is a pyramid shape with multi-levels? Based on the book American businesses, government, education, as well as churches are pyramids. Pyramids like anything can be good or bad. You will find both legal and illegal pyramids and just what makes it a scheme is when the value stops flowing down. Carlo "Charles" Ponzi come up with largest money taking scheme creating a name for himself if ever a bi rip-off occurs it is now termed as a Ponzi Scheme. The ebook goes on to state the biggest pyramid scheme on earth is legal and it was created through the U.S. government and it is called Social Security.

Burke procedes to explain how charities and education are helping to steal the American Dream. Big charities are non-profit to suit your needs and me but huge profits for your hypocrites that run them. Just whenever you though that you were helping kids or cancer research you already possess found out that the directors have taken tens of thousands for themselves and added perks like luxury vacations along with your donations. Not only a pyramid scheme but illegal,unethical,and immoral.

Next he gets into education. Universities and colleges are big business and really should be judged by their production. About 90% of all graduates aren't working in the area that they went to school for to begin with. If not for endowments these institutions would not survive. If they were instructed to operate being a real business they'd go bankrupt each year. What other choices are there?

Many individuals choose to open their particular small business to reach the American Dream. The fact is that 90 percent of conventional smaller businesses failing the very first 5 years and also the ten percent making it past that just a few make it past a decade. It is more and more difficult for small enterprises to be successful in the market today. Franchising is another option however you have to have such a substantial amount of money to buy one atart exercising . the real estate and equipment. The net income in this type of enterprise is not that great for the amount of risk and headache involved. Most who possess a franchise eventually like to have more that certain to actually produce a decent profit. These options usually do not sound like the image of the American Dream either. There must be a choice left for that average American to reach their dream. There's and that is what we're going to talk about next.

Network Marketing is what the author believes to be the best option for everyone to build their American Dream. Because the world changed to did our shopping habits and options. In the first general store,for the 5 &10 department stores,to shopping centers and malls, to franchises, to network marketing. It is all about the distribution and how the network marketing model is saving the businesses money. The networking model saves the company by eliminating in-house sales force and also the huge amounts spent on advertising. One of the better things is that it is a cash business they simply pay the distributor after the sale has been made which is essential and is why the parent company will pay the successful home-based business owner such high commissions.

There are people from all walks of life story of charles ponzi in the network marketing field and firms the sell just about everything you can get in the store. Anyone that is willing to construct a business and wants to get paid for the things they're doing should take part in multilevel marketing.Th 80-20 rule occurs in just about everything meaning Twenty percent of the people do Eighty percent of the work. Do you want to be section of the 20 percent? Burke goes on to explain exactly how the networking is structured and just how our government tries to block anyone from learning how much people are really making as networkers. Is that this to keep us from reaching the American Dream? The ebook goes on to speak about building a multi-level business.

Because this book may be published much has changed in the MLM field. Most companies offer web sites to help to create a business and social networks have exploded the networking industry. How has that changed things within the last 20 years? You might be no longer limited to the not enough people that you personally know. The sun is the limit with regards to marketing on the internet. Learn how you can become part of the network marketing industry, build your business online using the latest techniques and build your American Dream. Go through the following link and get back the American Dream today.