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Locking oneself out or losing keys is the inconvenience that only costs money but also the time and peace of mind, but the good news is mobile locksmith has the solution.

With so much on the table, lockouts and lost keys happen every day with people living in North Hollywood. Hence, a number of people asking for a mobile locksmith in North Hollywood have risen. A mobile locksmith is a trained and licensed professional who provides different services for people in need with their commercial, auto, and residential lock systems.

When do people need a locksmith?

In simple words, any place or anything with locks may use a locksmith. Some of the common reasons why people need locksmith services are as follows:

Being locked out of the vehicle

Loss of car key, house key or business key

The broken key inside the lock leading to a jammed lock

Lock snapping in case of burglary at house or business

Children or Pets left locked inside the house or vehicle

Tempering with automobile, residential or business locks

Types of services

Mobile locksmith in North Hollywood is broadly divided into three types of services; auto, commercial and residential.


The most common problem with the automobile is leaving keys inside the car and things become more complicated when one is running out of time. It could be a meeting or a visit to a doctor or a flight to catch.A mobile locksmith is there to save time with ease and promptness.


Business is as important as your residence and at the same time, it has to be convenient, fast and flexible. When it comes to business, insurances companies are rigid and have difficult rules and regulations to pay off if something goes wrong.


When it comes to residence, it is not just the property but also the family and mobile locksmith in North Hollywood has got everything covered. From key replacement to duplicate keys, locksmith also deals in camera and alarm system of residential security.

Benefits of mobile locksmith

Only the person in need of a locksmith can understand the emergency behind it and the inconvenience caused.

Mobile locksmith in North Hollywood is around the clock service. There is no need to wait for the office or the customer care to open. The service can reach the one in need anytime.

The mobile service is just a call away. There is no need to visit the office or other formalities. The person in need only has to make one call and the locksmith service is available at the doorstep.

Even in the case of vehicles, towing away the vehicle is not required as the locksmith reaches wherever the vehicle is. Sometimes time is more important than anything is.

The mobile services are provided by the skilled and certified professionals, which means they have everything that they need from technical knowledge to special equipment. They do not use alternatives for repair and replacement but do what is actually required.

While seeking assistance from a mobile locksmith in North Hollywood, it is advised that one should consider the registered and experienced locksmith only. It not ensures the quality of work and prompt action but also ensures safety.

Power Lock & Key is a mobile locksmith company specializing in residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. To know more, visit website .

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