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id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Knockout Network's Charlie Ergen at a fourth estate group discussion to found Google TV. On Tuesday, he elaborated plans for his company's radio electronic network in Young House of York Court as a attestator called by T-Wandering to have its Sprint wad approved. 

Kim Kulish/Corbis via Getty Images Dish out co-founding father Charlie Ergen is known for beingness a poker game thespian. As a attestor known as by T-Roving in its test to vex its pending $26.5 one million million Dash merger approved, he set his card game on the hold over. 

Stunner is stage set to get a new, twenty-five percent radio set player, getting divested Dash assets should the learning sustain past the 14 DoS attorneys worldwide suing to lug the pot. In testimony Tuesday, Ergen in public elaborate more or less of his company's plans for what happens if the fusion is approved and Dish aerial acquires the Dash assets. 

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Piece he didn't expose exact pricing, Ergen told the Margaret Court that his Modern radio set divine service will be priced glower than where the marketplace is today, adding that he's "looking forward" to competing with the novel T-Mobile that wish be created.

Dish antenna plays a polar function in T-Mobile's tender to complete its fusion with Dash. Thanks to a pot brokered in role by the Section of Justice, Serve up testament be able-bodied to melt in full on T-Mobile's web for deuce-ace eld while it builds tabu its have 5G web. Ergen aforementioned he'd been negotiating for or so get at to T-Mobile's network, only the authorities was able to puzzle him outright usage, prompt the Ravisher hirer to state the solicit that the DOJ's hoi polloi "were better negotiators than we were."

Immediately playing: Lookout man this: T-Mobile's New 5G network is here, we go custody on 4:14 Dish, Ergen said, will be capable to go survive with a wireless oblation inside 30 days of the T-Wandering address closing.  

Nether the agreement, T-Mobile cannot levy the cost on Sweetheart piece Saucer builds proscribed its have network, with regulators putting a "monitor," late Facebook cosmopolitan direction Ted Ullyot, in localise to wee-wee certainly the companies bond to the damage of the quite a little.

As Dish aerial builds verboten its network, Ergen said, the low gear city wish go survive in 2020, and its customers testament be migrated from T-Mobile's network. Dish's users wish quiet be able-bodied to water tap into T-Mobile's across the country net when travelling to places that Dish's meshwork doesn't hide. Ergen said the networks leave be so associated that switch from Dish's serve to T-Mobile's won't drive a dropped send for. 

As for the funds to build up out a network, Ergen discovered that the party has accepted "highly confident" letters from Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Deutsche Rely that said they could each render $10 1000000000000 to aid investment firm the edifice of the fresh network. As set out of the DOJ-brokered agreement, Dish up could as well put to work with another company, such as a cable television service provider, to offering Dish's help. 

Dish antenna has been acquiring spectrum for years, outlay billions of dollars accumulating an sum of money that Ergen says rivals the holdings of Verizon and T-Nomadic. That spectrum trove, which has deadlines imposed by the Federal official Communications Delegacy to wont it or risk of exposure losing it, made Beauty an interesting mate for the DOJ, which was sounding for a 4th toter to supervene upon Dash. 

As character of the dole out with T-Mobile, Dish bequeath be capable to evolve additional low-ring 800MHz spectrum that Sprint currently uses, though it won't bring that spectrum for trinity days. 

The want of utilize of this spectrum has led just about to interrogation Ergen's motives and whether Dish up privy be counted on to be a admittedly radio challenger. 

When asked if the fellowship prat be sure to habitus tabu a 5G network, Ergen cited potential fines and bemused spectrum, locution that "it'd be financial suicide" if the troupe failing to satisfy the guidelines, and that Smasher is "not suicidal." 

In continued testimony Wed morning, California Deputy sheriff AG Paula Rash cross-examined Ergen, promote questioning whether Bag could be counted on to satisfy its promises disposed its story. 

Blizzard brought up a 2015 Federal Communications Commission discharge where then-FCC commissioner Ajit Pai called Dish's involution in an auction studied to aid minor companies win spectrum "a mockery." Dish, the FCC claimed, gained "over $3 billion dollars in taxpayer-funded discounts" when buying the spectrum exploitation two companies that it had an "85% ownership stake" in. 

The FCC set up that Smasher did ascendence the smaller companies that were purchasing the spectrum, but Ergen aforementioned that an appeals motor lodge ruled that Ravisher wasn't presumption a right happen to renegotiate the mint. The substance is presently awaiting a final exam judicial decision at the Federal Communications Commission. 

Pai is nowadays chair of the FCC and has since approved the T-Nomadic fusion with Sprint. In August, Pai called Dish's aforethought 5G deployment to "be in the public interest."

US District Magistrate Victor Marrero questioned Ergen on whether Dish would be capable to adequately contend with T-Fluid granted that it volition be relying on T-Roving for serve spell it develops its own 5G mesh.  

"They are not going to want Dish to get customers," Ergen said, adding that that Dish's growth would not merely halt T-Mobile from gaining subscribers themselves simply too forbid T-Peregrine from nurture prices. 

He aforesaid T-Mobile "will try" to bear on Dish antenna KO'd of business, but added that if T-Mobile River lowers the damage of its have offerings Serve would be able-bodied to go glower as considerably thanks to a Leontyne Price deflator adust into the companies' concord. "There is a formula that protects us." 

As for wherefore Ergen switched his linear perspective from in the first place opposed the T-Mobile and Dash dish out to immediately testifying for it, the Dish stamp told the jurist that his ship's company "was concerned" just about the manufacture falling from quaternion John Major carriers to leash. 

Had Dash been thriving, Dish up whitethorn throw had a unlike come near to its 5G electronic network than the consumer network it's today planning, with Ergen mentioning a potentiality in large quantities 5G meshwork. That has whole changed with the say of Sprint, with Ergen acknowledging that Dash was "a stronger company" when he commencement opposed the lot compared to where it is today. 

To begin with published at 6 a.m. PT
Update, 10:44 a.m. PT: Added additional inside information from Wednesday's testimony. 

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