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Homeowners and contractors alike rely on the take-no-prisoners, heavy-duty suction power of your wet/dry vacuum. From sawdust inside the workshop with an overflowing bathtub, a wet/dry vacuum can make easy work of a tough mess.

Major brands are pushing stackable and cordless wet/dry vacuums and other new designs as they try and get wet/dry vacuums out of the basement and into the kitchen and living room. But cleaning ability must be your main concern.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Types

Wet/dry vacuums are relatively basic. So pick one based upon your cleaning needs, your storage-and exactly how far you'll have to move it. Listed below are the kinds of wet/dry vacuums to consider.

Mini-Sized Wet/Dry Vacuums

These sacrifice one of the most performance and capacity for your least weight and easiest storage.

Small Wet/Dry Vacuums

Consider these if you're happy to sacrifice performance and capacity for easier portability.

Medium-Sized Wet/Dry Vacuums

These give a good balance of performance and compactness.

Large Wet/Dry Vacuums

Powerful and finest equipped for challenging cleanups. They support the most debris, but may be heavy and bulky-especially when packed with water.

Fein 9-20-27 TURBO I SET


Filters trap dirt, drywall dust as well as other debris and prevents it from recirculation. Some units include HEPA filters that harness greater than 99% of dustmites, pollens along with other allergens. Many filters include antimicrobial treatments that will help avoid the growth and development of bacteria, mold, mildew and other harmful substances. The better stages inside the filtration system, the greater control for maximizing performance with a wide range of debris types.

Wide Hose

Vacuums having a 2½-inch hose often work more quickly and with less clogging than others using a 1¼-inch hose.

Cleanup Tools

Most models come with a utility nozzle, for bulky debris, along with a crevice nozzle for tight spots. Some furthermore have a special nozzle for car interiors as well as an insert for the dusting brush. A squeegee attachment assists with spills. Usually the one-piece version on some vacuums is much more convenient than the insert on others.

Extension Wands

Long ones reduce the demand for stooping and kneeling.

Blower Port / Detachable Blower

When you have plenty of fall yard cleanup to perform, or have hard-to-reach areas to completely clean, you really should consider a vac having a blower port or a detachable blower. Our detachable blower will make a great leaf blower, so buying a vac using a detachable blower is like buying two tools in just one! When you have hard-to-reach areas to clean, investing in a vac having a blower port could be helpful, as you can blow the dust to some place which is easier to clean up.

Tank Drain

Are you currently considering picking up plenty of water? If so, you’re planning to want a tank drain. This additional opening within the tank in the vac lets you easily empty the tank in to a drain. It’s sure to make your life easier.

Plastic vs. Stainless Tank

That one is straightforward - you will find benefits to both. Plastic tanks are lighter and won’t dent. Stainless tanks are more durable and simpler to clean up. Whichever is far more crucial that you you will certainly be your perfect fit.

So, there it really is. Our guide to picking your perfect vac. And if you want much more special features you can accessorize. But we’ll save that for the following blog…