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Ground Polish
Tampa Floor Polishing & Finishing - Epoxy Flooring, Marble, Concrete & Terrazzo Restoration, 601 N Ashley Drive Suite 1100-153, Tampa, FL 33602, (813) 805-8869

Stanley Steemer hardwood ground services are designed to deep clean, protect, and protect your hardwood flooring. From the modern and glossy floor of pure gray concrete to warm earth tones and the daring hues of stains, polished concrete flooring complement a range decors and architectural styles. Sharpening old concrete is a great different to eradicating the prevailing concrete and changing it with completely different flooring.

Additionally uncover the distinction between the varied ranges of shine attainable with polished concrete, starting from low gloss to reflective mirror-like finishes. Because of current advances in sprucing tools and techniques, contractors are now grinding concrete ground surfaces, whether or not new or previous, to a high-gloss finish that never wants waxes or coatings.

You will be taught the fundamental steps within the sprucing process, the variations between wet and dry polishing, and some great benefits of polished concrete in contrast with other flooring supplies together with carpeting, wooden, ceramic tile, pure stone, and vinyl tile.

When you're completed, permit not less than one hour for the polish to dry before the floor is exposed to mild site visitors. If you happen to're cleaning your flooring alone, place furnishings pads under the legs and slide the furniture out of the room. Grinding the concrete is a crucial step within the polishing course of, as it creates a easy surface and sheen.

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